Management – First-cycle studies

Management is a course addressed to young people and adults.

The education is provided in a variety of forms, adapted to the needs of students (lectures, seminars, classes, practical classes, apprenticeships), both in the seat of the university located in Pruszków as well as online, based on the staff of specialists with practical experience in running their own small businesses, family businesses and large companies. Management studies provide the basis for a comprehensive professional education, enabling the students to acquire high competences and professionalism in practical operations, which is an attribute when employed in the local market, at home and abroad. Management studies are dedicated to people who have already chosen the path of their future professional career as well as to students who have not yet made their final decision in this matter. The versatility of management studies allows students to pursue a wide range of future scenarios.

The studies last 6 terms and end with the award of a bachelor’s degree.

Students undertaking management studies gain basic theoretical knowledge of management sciences, economic sciences and related disciplines (e.g. law).

Selected subjects realized in the course of studies:

  • Fundamentals of management,
  • Organizational sciences,
  • Finance,
  • Project management,
  • Setting up and running a business,
  • Financial and cost management,
  • E-business.

In the process of training, the student acquires the skills to function in an organisation, regardless of its size and type of activity. Our graduates successfully manage bigger and smaller organisations operating in big cities like Warsaw and smaller towns. The knowledge and practical experience gained in the course of study allows them to implement varied projects and work in different industries.

When choosing an employee, employers more and more often pay attention not only to knowledge and education, skills and experience, but above all personality and psychosocial traits. It is increasingly important to be able to empathise with other people, to be able to relate to them, to be communicative, honest and loyal. This means that in addition to sound factual knowledge and hard industry skills, social competences, the ability to work in a group and identification with the place of employment are extremely important. The study programme places particular emphasis on these soft competences. We are convinced that Management studies create a convenient space for shaping and developing soft competences, which have long been marginalised in the business environment, but are now highly desirable in it. Therefore, during the studies, we build theoretical foundations and develop practical skills based on them, so that by completing studies in Management, the graduates are well placed both in the area of organisational management and interpersonal cooperation.

Management studies provide a comprehensive knowledge of organisation and human resource management and its graduates create qualified managers needed in modern business.

Graduates are able to recognise, diagnose and solve typical problems related to human, material, financial and information resources management as well as process management.

The studies develop competences that enable the graduates to undertake professional work as specialists, managers, managers in organizations of all types, including enterprises, public administration units of various levels, non-profit organizations or running their own businesses.

Tabela opłat dla studentów I stopnia (licencjackich)

  opłata rekrutacyjna czesne za semestr na studiach niestacjonarnych
Wariant pierwszy – jednorazowy 85 zł 1 900 zł
Wariant drugi – ratalny 85 zł 400 zł (1 z 5 rat)

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