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daad4The German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst / DAAD) is a joint organisation of German universities. Its task is to promote cooperation with universities abroad primarily through the exchange of students and academics. The DAAD programmes are directed at all countries and cover all fields of study, which is equally beneficial for Germans and foreigners. In addition, the DAAD supports the international activities of universities through a range of services, such as information programmes, publications, marketing, consultation, care and advice, and also contributes to the shaping of foreign cultural policy.


For most scholarship programmes, it is mandatory to apply on an online form. Before completing the online form, please read the instructions you will find by opening the online form. The forms required to apply for programmes without an online form are available on the DAAD website: www.daad.de/deutschland/download/03118.de.html.

In order to determine your level of German, the DAAD administers an onDaF test at the university or college where you are employed. At universities which are authorised to conduct the onDaF test, but which do not employ DAAD lecturers, the onDaF test can be conducted by other lecturers of German. The DAAD Sprachzeugnis (German language certificate) can also be issued if a DAAD teacher knows the applicant well or if the university does not have the possibility to conduct the onDaF test.


  • Students: none.
  • Graduates: none, but the application should be submitted at the latest 6 years after graduation.
  • PhD students: none, but application should be made at the latest 3 years after the start of the PhD.
  • Young researchers with a doctorate: none, but the application should be submitted at the latest 4 years after the doctorate.
  • Experienced researchers/academics: none.

We draw your attention to exceptions to this rule in cases where the host university / host research institute clearly states the age limits.


Applicants should ensure that application forms are complete and legible (drawn up on a computer if possible). Applications should be submitted in German or English. For some scholarships, only an application written in German is acceptable.

Applications submitted after the deadline will not be taken into consideration.

  • Only complete applications which meet all formal criteria will be considered.
  • Please do not staple documents together.
  • Applicants who have been in Germany for more than two years prior to the start of their scholarship cannot apply for DAAD scholarships.
  • Applicants will be notified in writing of their qualification results.
  • No information will be given by telephone!

Applicants who are finally selected for a long-term scholarship will be asked by the DAAD in Bonn to send certified copies of their secondary-school certificate and university diploma and a certified translation into German or English (one copy each) as well as a health certificate (on the DAAD form, which will be sent by the DAAD in Bonn).

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