About us

Halina Konopacka University of Physical Education and Tourism

was established in 1999 by the decision of the Minister of Science and Higher Education. In its basic educational mission it meets the market demand for high-class specialists in sports, physical education, administration and management.

From the perspective of more than twenty years of existence of the university and current observations of the economy in the aforementioned fields, the dynamics of development of active leisure and important social needs, one can say that education in these fields has an unquestionable, excellent future.

WSKFiT offers the first and the second degree studies in physical education, administration and the first degree studies in management.

The strengths of the school are the high quality of education, confirmed by the graduates, with the friendly treatment of each student by the teaching and administrative staff. The university’s own specialist laboratories and the city’s excellent sports infrastructure, available to students, make it possible to conduct classes at the highest level.

The best evidence of the reliability of the school’s educational offer is the growing number of candidates applying for a place at WSKFiT every year.

The quality of education is the most important factor.

The value of a school of higher education can be measured by various criteria, but it is the best to assess the quality and methods of education through the profile of the graduate, his/her entry into the professional career path and ability to cope with later professional work. There is plenty of evidence that we are not educating the unemployed of the future. An essential condition is the quality of the education process itself. We do not make savings here, but we employ excellent teaching staff: professors and doctors above the legally required minimum. We fully carry out scheduled classes at the university, in facilities around the city and in cooperating institutions.

The credibility of the education process is confirmed by positive opinions of the State Accreditation Committee and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Attractive, practical qualifications

The modern and clear curriculum allows you to combine learning with the possibility of realisng students’ life passions, professional work and active sports. An individual course of studies at other universities is the privilege of few, in WSKFiT it is a generally available way of studying.

Solid preparation for professional work

Realistic employment opportunities for graduates is the goal we have set ourselves in the implementation of our curricula. A wide-profile professional preparation during studies gives many opportunities to build a chosen career path.

Friendly atmosphere for studying

There is an excellent studying atmosphere at the university, giving students a sense of community and interest in them on the part of the academic staff and dean’s office employees.

Nothing integrates students more than spending time together at sports camps and on hiking trips. Friendships and interpersonal skills that are so necessary in life are formed there. Student’s life includes activities in the sports sections of the Academic Sports Association, study clubs and the student government. Club events are organized for the students of WSKFiT,as well as meetings with famous people and sportsmen.

Financial assistance

Students of WSKFiT benefit from scholarships for their results in science or sports, they are entitled to apply for allowances and social scholarships. The best sportsmen receive ministerial scholarships. In the last academic year more than 40% of our students received such financial aid.

Diplomas and qualifications

Graduates of the university receive a bachelor’s and master’s degree in physical education and administration and a bachelor’s degree in management.

As part of the curriculum, physical education graduates receive an instructor’s card or a 2nd class trainer’s diploma in the selected sport discipline. In management studies, they receive a specialisation diploma in e-sports organisation management.