Postgraduate studies on-line

Three-term studies (three sessions per term) !!!

Postgraduate Studies on-line:

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Studies via the Internet are conducted using e-learning platform moodle WSKFiT.

An offer of Halina Konopacka University of Physical Education and Tourism in Pruszków is addressed to people who want to broaden their education but do not want or have no possibility to attend a university. On-line studies for teachers, including postgraduate studies for teachers are conducted using a modern e-learning platform moodle WSKFiT. It is an effective way to acquire the necessary knowledge and education, which at the same time does not require attending university. Many people have already used this option to complete respected and valuable postgraduate teacher training courses. Their positive feedback best proves the high quality of this form of education.

STUDIES for people who do not have time to go to university.

Not every adult who wants to deepen his knowledge or gain new qualifications has the opportunity to commute to university. Postgraduate studies online for teachers is a perfect solution for people who have children, are busy or cannot afford to commute for other reasons.

Learning on the educational platform of WSKFiT gives the opportunity to gain qualifications without the need for arduous commuting, leaving from work or family responsibilities. Thanks to constant availability of learning materials, you can learn at any place and time. Modern e-learning solutions guarantee maximum convenience and accessibly transmitted knowledge.

During the term, postgraduate studies online are held only during 2-3 meetings at the University, the rest is taught via the Internet using modern distance learning tools. This makes the offered online postgraduate studies very convenient, and the participating students can make optimal use of the teaching materials made available to them.

Do online postgraduate programmes for teachers offer a high level of teaching?

A common concern for those opting for an online postgraduate degree is a low level of teaching. Our Postgraduate Diploma for Teachers and other online postgraduate courses are designed to take full advantage of the advantage of modern educational tools to ensure the highest possible level of teaching.

As a thriving Higher Education Institution, we are constantly expanding the range of postgraduate courses available as an online learning option. Each time we make an effort to ensure that the knowledge and experience of our lecturers is passed on to students in the best possible way. We know that postgraduate studies online for teachers is not only an opportunity to improve professional competence or change career path, but above all a tool for the reliable performance of teaching work with students. It is in this spirit that we implement the online learning programme. An added value of postgraduate studies in teaching is the opportunity to meet new people, enthusiasts of the same field, with whom you exchange knowledge and experience. This is an extremely inspiring environment, and the friendships established in this way usually last for many years.

Our offer includes postgraduate studies in physical education and corrective gymnastics.